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-13% AURORA (unicorn) nail powder 04 GOLDEN RAINBOW 0.3g

AURORA (unicorn) nail powder 04 GOLDEN RAINBOW 0.3g

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  • 6.20€
  • 5.37€
How to use:
❇️ - After your the gel /acrygel nails are shaped and buffed - apply Ritzy Nails Glaze top gel, cure and rub the pigment in by the applicator (which goes with our pigments )
❇️ - Clean extra bits of the pigment from the surface by soft brush or finger.
- Apply a thin layer of the Expert primer over the edges (free edge and sides) and go the same way with the clear rubber base. As the pigments are the finest (as a mirror) - we should “seal” the edges.
- Apply Glaze/ PRIME top gel 1 layer or MATRIX/BRILLIANCE TOP 2 times

AURORA pigment has an amazing multi-colour pearl dust glass effect.