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Architect SKIN TONE builder gel 50ml

Architect SKIN TONE builder gel 50ml

  • 41.06€

ARCHITECT  builder gel is a new formulation Thixotropic gel in a jelly-like  or mousse consistency.

The structure of the gel allows to shape nails without a hassle. It does not run and does not move until it is  touched by a brush.

Though consistency is very light,  the gel is very strong and durable. As a result, your customers will get very long-lasting nails.

Can be cured in a thin or thick layer.

Perfect for salon and competition gel nails of any length - from very short to extreme shapes. 

Curing  - LED (36W) - 60 sec

Low heat formulation. 

Zero  lifting formulation.

Recommended to use with MEGA base or thin layer of Rubber Base as a base coat for better adhesion.

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