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AESTHETIC Lac Collection (10 colours)

Ritzy Lac AESTHETIC is a collection of warm and cozy colours,  especially created for this summer-au..


ALICE IN WONDERLAND Lac Collection (311-320)

This autumn we would like to add some magic in your life⠀Ritzy Nails is happy to introduce a NEW m..


DOLLHOUSE Lac Collection 331-340

NEW! A very  stylish, charming and attractive Ritzy Lac DOLLHOUSE collection (numbers 331-430).It ha..


ILLUSION 9D Cat Eye Collection 10 colours

---TO BE USED WITH A MAGNET--Ritzy Lac ILLUSION collection is a set of 10 MAGNETIC gel polishes (191..


LET IT GLOW Lac Collection (321-330)

The collection is presented in a beautiful box and consists of 10 colours.Ritzy Lac is a UV/LED gel ..


LIPSTICK Lac Collection (10 colours)

Ritzy Lac LIPSTICK collection!10 most glamorous «LIPSTICK» colours in one box!⠀A mix of best-selling..


MILK & CREAM Lac Collection (M1-M10)

Following a recent trend for natural and milky nails, Ritzy NAils has created a collection of transl..

MOULIN ROUGE Collection (R1-R10) -2%

MOULIN ROUGE Collection (R1-R10)

NEW and SENSATIONAL!MOULIN ROUGE collection by Ritzy Lac..

104.88€ 102.44€

NEON Collection ( 10 Colours ) in a box with display tips stickers

NEW ! Ritzy Lac NEON Collection 2022! Super hot, fluorescent colours in this extremely bright collec..

PROVENCE Collection 351-360 -3%

PROVENCE Collection 351-360

Ritzy Lac PROVENCE is a collection of 10 rich and elegant colours of the season .We have combined th..

103.25€ 100.00€

Ritzy Lac FOUR SEASONS Collection (10 colours)

FOUR SEASONS Lac Collection is 10 must have colours from every seasons of the year.  It is a gr..


Ritzy Lac HOT SEASON Collection (7 colours)

They light up the world!7 super bright,hot neon colours from HOT SEASON Lac collection :-Purple Neon..


Ritzy Lac ISLAND OF LOVE collection (10 colours)

Ritzy Lac ISLAND OF LOVE was inspired by the beautiful island of Malta.These 10 pretty bright and su..


Ritzy Lac NUDE MOOD Collection (10 colours)

Rizty lac NUDE MOOD Collection - is something everybody was waiting for. The most tender gel polish ..

GLITZY Lac Collection 2 (G8-G13) 2 - 3 Days

GLITZY Lac Collection 2 (G8-G13)

A collection of 6 new fabulous colours of Ritzy Glitzy glamorous reflective gel polishes.The collect..


IN STYLE RITZY NAILS mood board (8 colours)

NEW! In those days of hard preparation for re-opening, we decided to make some little help starting..


LUSH & PLUSH Lac Collection (10 colours) in a box

Ritzy Lac collection LUSH & PLUSH is a collection of 10 most summery , pretty pastel colours whi..

NEW!  AUTOGRAPH Collection 371-380 New

NEW! AUTOGRAPH Collection 371-380

NEW absolutely stunning AUTOGRAPH collection..

Ritzy Lac ALLURE L16 2 - 3 Days

Ritzy Lac ALLURE L16

Ritzy Lac is a UV/LED gel polish with a perfect pigmentation and creamy consistency.To be used with ..


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