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Mosaic Liner PRO M brush

Mosaic Liner PRO M brush is great for precise fine details or elements. Hair thickness just 0.3mm a..


RITZY Nail Art Striping Brush (13mm)

Professional nail art brushes set. Handmade to deliver the finest quality in creating beautiful nail..


Mosaic Brush S

Perfect brush for making small details with polish, gel and paints. Can be used as a dotting tool. ..

Mosaic "Details" brush SOLD OUT

Mosaic "Details" brush

ideal brush for thin outlines, nice details..

Mosaic "Swirls" Brush SOLD OUT

Mosaic "Swirls" Brush

ideal for smallest nail art details and nice "swirls"..


Mosaic brush L

Perfect for drawing long straight lines with paint, polish or gel. Sable length: 25 mm...


Mosaic brush M

Brush with soft synthetic sable of a middle size. Good to use for straight line drawings with polish..


Mosaic Drawing Gel brush N3

Gel brush for drawing with gels and gel paints. Size nr 3. Sable length - 5 mm..


Mosaic Express Builder Gel Brush

Same great oval shape as the Mosaic #6 Gel Builder Brush, but a little bigger.  Makes sculpting..

Mosaic Kolinsky 2 SOLD OUT

Mosaic Kolinsky 2

Perfect brush for making swirls with polish, gel and paints. Sable length: approx 7 mm...


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