"Mosaic" NEO (Nano Technologie) Builder GeL

Is it your dream to work with the gel fast, to be able to build all 5 fingers in a time without filing after? if so - there we go!



Neo is a gel from the future. We would say it is a future of gels.

It belongs to a new family of gels which means that they become thicker in viscosity when untouched and become more liquid when you touch them. Which means it is easy to pick it up and apply. but once you stopped touching it with a brush- it becomes a jelly.
Flexible but durable. Soft in pick up but doesnt flow in application. Self-leveling with a perfect surface tension. Can be applied without filing. Has a perfect adhesion on all types of nails. 
Doesnt burn in the UV lamp.easy to file. 
if you are an advanced nail tech, you can apply this gel without filing at all. And its behavior gives you an opportunity to build 5 nails with only 1 curing. It saves time. And you can eliminate filing with it so it saves the product as well